A Short Review of XSitePro 2

One of the biggest fears that early stage Internet marketers have is, how they would deal with the technical stuff like creating their website, without having prior knowledge about it. Even website software like Dreamweaver is not very helpful here because that kind of software is not designed to help people with no tech training to create good IM sites. This is the reason that XSitePro 2 was built. It is geared toward new Internet marketers who are hoping to build their businesses with SEO friendly sites that will bring in more sales and conversions. This review will explain how XSitePro 2 can help you grow your Internet Marketing business. Any person using Dreamweaver would know there is a lot of time needed initially in creating a webpage, especially if you’re a rookie and are not real tech-savvy. This is truly what caused Paul to decide to build this software so that online marketers didn’t need to have so many complications when creating their web pages. So, let’s get to our XSitePro review.

SEO Analysis Tool – This is a feature that makes XSitePro 2 worth buying. You already know how important search engine optimization is for internet marketing campaigns. You don’t have to spend money on SEO specialists if you need help analyzing and ranking your site because the same features come with this software. This software helps you analyze any website on the internet and looks at whatever webpage you want and then gives you feedback about what changes should be made and how you should make them so that you will see immediate results. You know that your rank in the search engine depends on your keywords; use the SEO Analysis Tool to learn how to make minute changes to your site so that you will rank high for your targeted keywords. Content Publisher Scheduler – the most important part of any website, as far as the search engine rankings are concerned, is content. You don’t just need good content to boost your ranking in the search engines; you need new content regularly. This is why it is important to put fresh content on your website. Search engines favor sites that are regularly updated, which is the best way to impress those spiders. The Content Publisher Scheduler is a simple feature that allows you to create content in advance and schedule its posting for later. This allows you to pay attention to other parts of your business even while your website gets updated. This is a really cool XSitePro feature.

Simple Limitations of XSitePro 2 – So is XSitePro 2 missing anything? Well, no software is faultless, which is why this tool does have a few lines that cannot be crossed. For starters, if you are already quite knowledgeable about HTML coding, then you’ll probably think the code designed by XSitePro 2 is a bit in the wrong place. You do obtain a “source tab” that allows you to edit the HTML, but it has some restrictions. This is how you’re a bit restricted when using automated web design software, but often times this is not an issue. So if you really desire to get the most out of it, you’ll need to overlook a few of the drawbacks, because the total usefulness you get from the software is wonderful. To conclude: XSitePro 2 is a well made website creation tool that is far superior to the others on the market. This allows Internet Marketers to build businesses and websites without having to learn all of the technical intricacies usually associated with such things. This software is the ultimate for internet marketers who want to build websites that are of top quality in every way. The conclusion? XSite Pro is a no-brainer as far as Internet marketing programs go.

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